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Snapchat gave Official Statement about the “Poor Country” Incident

Atlast Snapchat official came up with a statement after the whole incident of calling India as a poor country By Snapchat CEO. “This is ridiculous. Obviously Snapchat is for everyone! It’s available worldwide to download for free,” said the company in an official statement after reaching out to YourStory Media.

Snapchat also declined what Anthony Pompiano claimed of Snapchat showing wrong number to its investors.

“In the notice we filed with the court when we unsealed Pompliano’s original complaint (attached), we wrote: ‘Snap did not give investors misstated user metrics back in 2015; nor did Snap employees commit any of the panoply of alleged bad acts that litter Pompliano’s complaint. Snap will demonstrate as much at the appropriate time in the appropriate forum’,” said the company in an official press release.

All this happened after news broke out that Snapchat CEO Told  “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

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People went crazy started rating the App 1 star and then uninstalled it. Between all this people mixed snapdeal with snapchat and snapdeal felt the burn also as people uninstalled snapdeal inplace of snapchat.

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