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Shareit vs Xender | The best file sharing app for Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

iOS vs Android, Marvel vs Dc Comics, Samsung vs Apple or Blogger vs WordPress. There are the most popular rivalries that we see very often. One such rivalry which we are going to discuss today is Shareit vs Xender

Every now and then, we require a file transfer app. Sometimes you have to share photos, while sometimes you need to shares app. And for all that sharing, you need an app.

An app which would allow you to share files from one device to another. And to be honest, whenever we talk about such apps, only two apps come to our minds i.e Shareit and Xender.

Shareit and Xender are the most popular file sharing apps for Android. And if you have not used either of them, you are missing out something for sure.

Anyways, in this article, I will be comparing both the apps through an infographic.

So, let’s get it rolling

Shareit vs Xender

Shareit vs Xender


In this infographic, I have stressed upon three different aspects of both the apps. First about the popularity of the both the apps, then about their user interface, and then, their key features.

After that, I have given my final verdict about the apps. So let us talk a bit more about them.

Talking about the popularity, we have taken the total number of downloading into account. While shareit has a whopping 100 million downloads, Xender has only 50 million. So here Shareit steals the show.

Then talking about their user interface, I have added both the images there. And both of them have a similar UI. But Shareit has comparatively lesser ads so provides better User Experience.

Then about the features, both of them are equally good. The best thing I like about Shareit is that it allows you to Shareit files from your phone to your Pc. Means you have use the Shareit apk to send files to your Pc using Shareit for Laptop

Now, to give a final verdict about both of them, I would like to say that if you want to share small sized files faster, use Shareit while go with Xender if you have large sized files to share.


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