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Goverment is taking steps to reduce Unemployability of Engineers in India!

All India Council for Technical Education reported that among 8 lakh engineers who are graduating from Engineering colleges, 60℅ are Unemployed, so Government is taking steps to reduce Unemployability of Engineers in India.

This is a critical news for Engineering colleges.

Each year less than 1℅ of the Engineers joins any summer internship in India. Only 15℅ of all the engineering programmes are approved by the National Board of Accreditation. The number of institution is more than 3,200 in India for Engineering.

Ministry of Human resource department has taken a step to change the future of Engineering. They are planning to make a new system of Technical Education of India.

Things they are going to do:

  1.  One single Entrance examination for Engineering from 2018
  2. Annual teacher training will be mandatory to get approval for the Institution
  3. Mandatory summer internship for the Engineering students
  4. Annual report of all the curriculum.

The name of the exam is NEETI to get enrolled in Engineering stream & will be conducted by the National Testing Service. It will be Computer based exam only which makes the exam more tough.

According to plan there will be Different stages of exam.

  • NEETI will be scheduled first in December 2017- January 2018
  • 2nd stage in March 2018
  • The third & final stage in May 2018

The IIT entrance examination will be also taken in this way by NTS to make sure the quality of students & education both maintains a top-notch level to compete with foreign Institutes.

The questions for IIT’s will be set by them as before only the examination will be taken by NTS.

“In all probability, NTS will be ready by January 2018 to conduct the NEETI as well as National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for medical courses. The exams will be conducted multiple times in a year,” According to a senior MHRD official.

The Government’s primary aim is to increase the level of employability Upto 60℅ by setting the standard of education higher.

They also want 75℅ Engineering students to get exposure to Industry in the summer internships which will higher the percentage of employability.

As of now only 15℅ programmes are approved by NBA but before 2020 it will be 50℅ approved of the total number of courses offered by those 3200+ institutions.

The annual report of the curriculum of all the Institution’s will be judged thoroughly & if not shows any result they won’t get approval to run the Institution.

From now on sessions will end by month of December & all the Institution’s are informed to take the necessary action to initiate the process of raising the Standard of Education & Employment.

What more do you suggest of the steps that the Ministry of Human resource department should be taking to reduce unemployment of Engineers? Drop down your comments.


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