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Google’s new encoder makes JPEG files Upto 35℅ Smaller

Well Everyone wants to make their site load faster, the faster it loads better the impression. Google released an open-source JPEG encoder to help sites. It allows to reduce the JPEG files by 35 percent keeping the quality same as before and loads the site faster.

The Open-source JPEG encoder is called Guetzli in German it makes Cookie. Even after using Guetzli your picture will remain in JPEG format with same quality & Supported by all kinds of Browsers.

Google JPEG Encoder Guetzli
A 20 x 24 pixel image of a cat’s eye. Left: The uncompressed original. Middle: Standard libjepg encoder. Right: Guetzli. Google claims that Guetzli has fewer artifacts without a larger file size. Image: Google

The con according to Google of this new Guetzli Encoder is that it takes much more time to compress the image but it will be worth as the site will load faster than before. So you can negotiate with the compression timing.

Some users claimed that it produces better quality images than other methods which is quite impressive.

You can check the full research paper HERE.

What do you think of Google JPEG Encoder Guetzli? If you have questions drop them down below & we will get back to you.


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