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We are from various ethnicities of India , our aim is to let one and all discover the globe. An Honest news site with Headlines first. Stay tuned to the neo-modern world with Headline Authority.

Headline Authority Team

What we cover

Technology news

All the news related to tech, from leaks to launchs, we cover it first


From Bollywood to all the way to Hollywood, from Awarad function to Wardrobe Malfunction, From Movie to Songs, we cover everything you want

and much more

Apart from these two, we have a wide bunch of categories that you expect. Sports, Foods, Travelogues, Camera, Photography and much more! What else do you want?

A news website is useless, if you have to search for the topic after reading on a particular website

Headline Authority Team

our team members

Trishit Chakraborty


Technology is love ,blogging is passion. Founder of Headline Authority. A Techworm blogger who is persuing his Engineering exposing his readers to the front page of Technology

Bharatwaj Rao


He knows and understand whole business with a robust background,and most significantly, a vibrant goal for growth in this industry. He is always interested to hear from anyone who wishes to get in touch with him,whether you have a partnership proposal , or killer idea to share with him, just ping him at bharatwaj(at)simplehosting.in

Tribikram Mishra


Being a Renewable Energy Engineer i have more inclination towards the Geeky world. Travelling & Music is what my soul sustains on. Freelancer Blogger,Techno buff & a traveller.

Kunal Dutta



Arnab Bhowmik


I am a engineering student. I like to spend my boring time by collecting the current news. I think news is the best way to keep yourself updated besides study

Ishita Das


I am an engineer-being fond of sleeping (coz engineers got no jobs today). I love reading anything extra-textual be it in any fields.

Arnab Pal


A normal guy,living a simple and happy life with addiction of movie & music. Love to follow every latest news about the entertainment world. Being an engineer got enough time to entertain the readers at the Headline Authority Platform

Bipasha Roy


Bipasha Roy. 1st yr engineering student.. I am alwz inclined to the world outside.. and a music lover

Puja Saha


Except having a Normal life I am a movie follower in a daily basis. Loves to follow latest news & gossips from the film world and keep my readers updated to the upfront page of Film Industry

Sayan Adhikary


Interested in cricket, movies last but not the least, computers. Interested in web designing. Purusing B.Tech in Computer Science. Trying to provide the readers with latest and interesting articles from entertainment world

Ayan Chakraborty


Aesthete person, craving for the blend of the ancient and modern music and trying to keep fellow people updated with the beauty of octaves



Hey there! In the real world I am a normal guy, but secretly with the help of my friends at Headline Authority, I help people to stay updated with the latest happenings of the PC world. Be it a Notebook or a Desktop; I'll get you anything and everything!

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