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Aamir Khan With His New Ad “Shoon te Shaan” Giving the Society a Strong Message. 


Aamir Khan always do something new for his audience whether its a biopic movie “Dangal” or a television show “Satyameba Jayate” he always wrapped up his acting with a message for the society. Now he comes up with an ad “Shoon te Shaan” with collaboration of Star Plus with their perspective of #NayiSoch. In twitter today everyone praised about this campaign.

In this 48 sec ad we see Aamir Khan as a sweet shop owner Gurdeep Singh, whose business is doing very well in business. A customer comes to the shop bringing in mindset of that shop must be handled by his sons. Like our society thinks always the sons will take over the family business. However actually Gurdeep depends on his daughter this time. He proudly gave all the credits to his daughters. Aamir had given his best to empower the woman again. At the last the ad shows the name of the shop “Gurdeep Singh and daughters” and a strong message in Aamir’s voice “Success doesn’t come to a boy or girl, success comes to the one with the right thinking”.

Shoon Te

This ad clip is made by “Dangal” director Nitish Tiwari, well it seems like this duo is going to shake the audience again. A beautiful and commendable try from Nitish Tiwari, Aamir Khan, Star Plus. Hats off.

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Lets Take a Look at the Shoon Te Shaan Ad Clip👇


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